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Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and my sister bought me a brilliant present – a mini photography studio.

It came from http://www.maplin.co.uk/ and is called an “Ebay Photo Studio Kit“. I have now had chance to set it up, and it’s perfect for what I need. The kit includes a fold-out white ‘cage’ to diffuse the light, a blue background cloth (which I can replace with a different coloured cloth, as it is attached with velcro), two spotlights, plus an extendable camera stand.

mini studio

mini studio ready for action

mini studio packed away

mini studio packed away

…and all for (a very reasonable) £29.99.

Thanks Jackie!!

I will now be able to take some photos of the items I’d like to put on Etsy.

My second New Thing Of The Day was that I discovered how to embed PayPal buttons into websites. I got the instructions from PayPal on their ‘Merchant Services‘ section, and although it did involve quite a bit of geekery-pokery, I did eventually manage to get a test button on my website. It’s still under construction, but here is the ‘Shop‘ page of my new website.

Now I just need to make something that people actually want to buy!

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