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Polymer Clay Experiments

I’ve been doing a lot of polymer clay experimentation recently, in the run-up to going to the BPCG AGM next week. The (sort of) chrysanthemum is a new design:

pink chrysanthemum layered pendant

pink chrysanthemum layered pendant

The frustrating thing at the moment is that I still haven’t found any regular outlets for my work yet, so I now need to start working just as hard at trying to sell my wares as I do at making them. Plan so far:

1. Keep plugging away at ebay and etsy.
2. Contact craft magazines to see if I can write an article for them.
3. Sign up to do a craft stall.
4. Approach local shops/galleries to see if I can sell my jewellery through them.
5. Approach local nail salons to see if they are interested in polymer clay nail art.
6. Get the ‘Shop’ section of my website working.

I’m finding that it’s not as easy to just knock items off lists like that straightaway, though. For example, for most of those items above it would be best if I came up with a letter of introduction and a page of photographs, so that I can leave the documents with the shops if the managers aren’t in at the moment. And to produce those documents of course I need decent photographs. And to produce decent photographs I need a camera that takes closeups. And to produce the photographs I also need to have come up with good examples of work in the first place, that will stand up to being photographed up close.

Then with the website I not only need the photographs but I also need to do a bit of revision/research on creating web pages and how to set up payment buttons. etc…

So I end up with a big web of other tasks/obstacles that need to be addressed before I can go ahead.

…Fortunately I have now got a camera, so that’s why I’ve been creating new bits of jewellery to take pictures of:

blue-white petal cane

Blue-white petal cane. I never get bored of petal canes! They're so versatile, and they form the base of so many of the canes that I make.

floral charm bracelet

floral charm bracelet

pillow bead pink bracelet

pillow bead pink bracelet

pink flower and leaf bracelet

pink flower and leaf bracelet

flower  and leaf pendant

flower and leaf pendant

  1. September 5, 2010 at 17:09

    Kay – I know the feeling – the list just goes on and on:)

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