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Almost-3D Polymer Clay Flower

103 days to go until the polymer clay cruise

Fortunately I got a lot of programming work done this morning and afternoon, so I allowed myself some recreation time in the superShed this evening, to work with polymer clay. Unfortunately it turned into more of a fight with clay than a relaxing therapeutic session. Two hours’ worth of experimentation went straight onto the scrap pile. I was experimenting with mica shift techniques and couldn’t come up with even one decent design. Aaaaargh, frustrating!

So I gave up and tried to see if I could improve on the flower cane design that I made earlier in the week. Here is the original:

I wasn’t very happy with it because the petals aren’t very defined, and the gradiation of colours isn’t very successful. But here is my effort from today:

There is now a subtle line to separate the petals from each other, and the background isn’t as lumpy as my previous effort.

By some strange quirk, when I took this photo the lighting conditions somehow made the 2D flower look like it was a bit 3D:

I don’t think I’d be able to achieve that effect ever again, even if I tried for years!

So I’m fairly happy with today’s claying after all. Even though it felt like I wasted a couple of hours, at least I ended up with a positive feeling from the ‘before and after’ comparison of the flower canes. And although my mica-shift experiments were duds, I now have a much better idea of which techniques not to try again, so by a process of elimination I may eventually end up with a decent mica-shift design one day after all…

Here are the flower canes side by side, just to prove that I have made a bit of progress:

Today’s polymer clay experiments

104 days to go until the polymer clay cruise

Today I’ve spent several hours doing website programming, so haven’t had much time to spare for polyclay. And I’m not even very keen on most of the results, but here goes:

The orange one looks like it has paint splashes or something around the edge, but they were meant to look like lovely petals. Whereas the pink one doesn’t have enough ‘definition’ – either in telling the petals apart from each other or in the gradiation of colours. And the blue ring around it is too lumpy. I like the way the edges of the petals seem to fold inwards though.

I made a couple of quick rings to see if I liked the effect:

… and I knotted some beads onto a necklace:

New Polymer Clay Bracelets

(105 days to go until the polymer clay cruise. I’ve paid the deposit, and am now looking at flights.)

Yesterday I went to a fundraising party-thing upstairs at the Brighton Bead Shop, in celebration of their 25th anniversary and in aid of their chosen charity the RNLI.  I think I’ve been shopping with the BBS for nearly all of those 25 years (it was by mail order in the olden days), and they were one of the main reasons I originally went to live in Brighton. They seem to be doing better than ever, and have now started running classes in making jewellery (click here for their facebook page).  They had cake and  jewellery for sale – what a great combination! After I’d availed myself of both, I went downstairs to do my ‘proper’ bead shopping. So today I’ve been in the superShed playing with my new supplies, and combining them with my existing polymer clay beads.

I wanted to make some simple adjustable bracelets, so I made some from wire links…

…and others were even simpler and just threaded onto elastic.

Polymer Clay Cruise

Wooohooo! I have booked to go on the September 2011 Polymer Clay Cruise! I have been dreaming about going on it for years, and now I’ve actually gone ahead and booked it:

It is going to be my 40th birthday present to me (from me and my husband and family). I wasn’t really looking forward to this birthday for some reason (don’t know why, as I quite like the idea of my 50th and 60th birthdays),  but now I will be able to look back on this year as the year I achieved one of my biggest polyclay ambitions.

Oooh yeah. I think this deserves a countdown:

There are 108 days until I go on the cruise…

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Task Avoidance…

Oh dear, you can tell I’m supposed to be working on my programming project, because I’ve been in my superShed making polymer clay canes again…

More Polymer Clay Flower Canes

I’ve been doing more experiments with flower canes. These petals were nice individually…

 pink and white petal cane pink and white petal canepink and white petal cane

… but when I turned the final petal into a flower it didn’t work very well. It was OK-ish like this…:

red and white ugly flower cane

…but when it was reduced it just looked like a red flower with white patches:

red and white ugly flower cane

I made some purple canes as well:

purple flower cane purple flower cane

purple and blue flower millefiori cane

Flower or Weed?!

I picked this tiny flower out of a hedge on my way home from the shops the other day. It is only about 1cm across. I think it’s a weed but it was so pretty I thought I’d try to turn it into a polymer clay cane at some point.

I hope it is a weed, because a man overtook me while I was picking it, and walked up the driveway of the house whose garden I’d picked the flower from.