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Flowery Buttons Made from Polymer Clay

102 days to go until the polymer clay cruise…

Sometimes even I wonder if there might be more to life than making vaguely cylindrical beads…

… so I have been experimenting with making buttons instead:

Instead of cutting pieces from the end of the cane that are 6mm deep, I’ve been cutting them so that they are 2mm deep instead. Then I squirt some of Lisa Pavelka‘s lovely acrylic resin-y “Magic Glos” (pronounced, er, “Magic Gloss”) onto the top surface…

…and once I’ve cured it (under a UV light, because we don’t have enough proper sunshine in England), it turns into a smooth glassy surface. Not sure if that domed-ness shows properly on the photos, but it acts as a magnifying lens and really brings out the details of the designs.

Then all you have to do to finish making it into a button is to make a shank for the back of it by bending a piece of wire into an ‘α’ shape, then fixing the shank to the back of the button by using a small blob of polymer clay:

Hey presto! Buttons!

But a tragedy has occurred – I have nearly run out of Magic Glos! Does anyone stock it in the UK?? Heeeeeelp!

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