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“100 Days of Polymer Clay” Challenge!

There are exactly 100 days until I go on Lisa Pavelka’s polymer clay cruise.. Ever since I heard of it I have always dreamed of going on it, but have never been able to justify the expense. However, this August I will be having a birthday*, so to commemorate this milestone I would like to look back on this year as “The Year I Went on the Polymer Clay Cruise”.

What will make this adventure even more fun is that I will be sharing a cabin with Penny Vingoe, who is the proprietor of Clayaround (my favourite polymer clay seller in the UK) and a fellow committee-member of the British Polymer Clay Guild (BPCG).

I am so looking forward to the workshops, as they are with the legendary polymer clay tutors Lisa Pavelka, KLEW (Karen Lewis), and Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg.

So in honour of the 100-day countdown, and in an effort to improve my polymer clay skills by the time I go on the cruise, I am undertaking a “100 Days of Polymer Clay” challenge. My goal is to go into my superShed every single day (except when I’m away from home), and work with polymer clay. By the end of each day I must produce a necklace that includes at least one polymer clay bead or pendant, and the necklace should be ‘signed’ in some way.

Join in, if you want! Let’s all have 100 days of polymer clay!


*A ‘big’ birthday. The biggest one I’ve ever had, as a matter of fact.

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