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100 Days of Polymer Clay: “88”

88 days to go until the polymer clay cruise…

Eeek! I have been out at university all day and this evening I’m going out to see the latest X-Men film. I don’t have much time to make a necklace!

I was really excited this morning because I received a notification from Twitter saying that ‘@BeadsUnlimited’ is currently following me on Twitter! BeadsUnlimited (aka The Brighton Bead Shop) is my favourite favourite bead-and-findings supplier. They are so helpful and friendly, and they seem to have a total passion for beads rather than it just being a business.

So as usual, everything on the necklace below comes from Beads Unlimited except for the polymer clay beads:

knotted bead necklace

Today’s lesson was that it’s very hard to get the knots really close to the beads when you use beading wire. Therefore in future I should pay more attention to creating the knots around maybe a pin or a needle, so that I can move the knot further along the wire and closer to the bead.

knotted bead necklace

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