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Leather Leather Leather!

I had an interesting day yesterday feeding pieces of leather to the laser. Thank you for the samples Daniela!!

I started off with a very simple flower design just to see if I had got the right settings on the laser. (Note that the top-left flower is really burnt around the edges, and the flowers towards the right are less burnt because I turned the power down):

leather experiments

leather experiments

Considering how nice the smell of leather is, I was very disappointed by the smell of lasered leather – it smells like burning hair. Yuck.

Once I’d got the settings right, I tried a more complex design:

leather jewellery experiment

leather jewellery experiment

The piece was too small to turn into a leather cuff (it’s less than 10cm long), but at least I know a lot more about cutting leather now. It is amazingly sturdy even when the pieces are very thin.

Then seeing as I had already created a flower design, I thought I would try to cut the design into some thin sheets of wood to try a bit of marquetry:

laser cut wooden flower marquetry laser cut wooden flower marquetry

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