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100 Days of Polymer Clay Necklaces: “71”

71 days to go until the polymer clay cruise – and here is the latest news from my “100 Days” challenge

This flower is from the same cane batch as day 84, but this one is trying to work from the principle that “less is more”, therefore it doesn’t have any big leaves dangling from it.  One of the great things about making a necklace per day is that I really am noticing differences in my work. For some reason I never used to feel very comfortable about making or using big beads, but in the last thirty days I have become much more confident in using bigger beads. This one is about 4cm in diameter, which is over twice the diameter of my usual beads:

The bead looks OK from a distance, but in the closer-up photo you can see that it has got lots of tiny holes running through it:

The reason for that is precisely because the cane is so big – i.e. normally I would reduce the petal canes a lot more, which would close all of the gaps and squeeze out the bubbles. So to solve the problem next time I could start with a much bigger petal cane. Then by the time I reduced the cane it should have lost the bubbles.


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