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Laser-Cut Scherenschnitte

What have I been doing lately? Well, firstly I have been doing a lot of laser-etching/cutting work for Maria Allen. As well as through her own site, she also sells through NotOnTheHighStreet.com, and has been one of the featured artists this Christmas, so we have both been very busy.

However, in between that (and when I should have been doing other more important things), I’ve been working on my first-ever major ‘scherenschnitte’ project (which is basically just another term for paper cutting).

I’ve always loved papercrafts and have been making pop-up cards for years, but now that I’ve got my laser cutter I really really want to use it to create some complex scherenschnitte designs. I’ve done quite a lot of research into different artists and styles (including Cindy Ferguson, Rob Ryan), but wanted to find my own inspiration and style.

Then this October, I came across the 7MSN Ranch blog. Linda/Carson takes such great photos, and really makes me laugh. I am now officially hooked on reading about the ‘herd’. And so suddenly I knew exactly what my scherenschnitte project would involve – all of the animals at the 7MSN.

7msn scherenschnitte 10 - compressed

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