Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for their kind comments about the 7MSN scherenschnitt that Linda Carson featured on her blog on Tuesday. I am so glad she liked it, and am sending her the original.

I actually wanted to send it to her for Christmas, but I couldn’t think of a way of saying “Hi – I am a big fan of your blog and want to send you something” without sounding like a stalker, so I chickened out.

My husband thought (thinks) I was nuts for spending so many hours on making a picture about someone else’s blog, but it really did seem to almost create itself. And I loved the idea of creating traditional homestead art by using new technology. In fact, some of the design is so delicate that it would have been impossible to cut with scissors or a knife, e.g. the vine that is trailing out of the cow’s skull:

close-up of vine

Over the last few days people have been asking if they can buy copies of the artwork, so I’ve been thinking about what to do. I don’t want to churn out lots of identical copies, because they wouldn’t feel special. I also don’t want to profit from them without giving Linda Carson something in return. So here is my suggestion:

Remember the giant egg story? Well, I think there is room (just about!) for that egg to appear in the artwork. So what I’m proposing to do is to make a limited number of copies of the “7MSN Laserschnitt”, and for the three eggs (medium, large, and mutant) to appear in a different place in each version. That way if anyone does decide to buy a copy, they will know that they are receiving their own unique piece, and nobody else will have one exactly the same.

scherenschnitte with mutant egg included

egg-sample of how it will look

And of course I will arrange to donate half of any profits to Linda and the herd, because without them I would have just had a blank piece of paper.

18 Feb 2013 update: I have now put some copies on Etsy here

  1. Ingrid
    February 20, 2013 at 15:02

    Love the eggs idea! And “wow” to your intention of donating half of any profits!

  2. February 15, 2013 at 03:44

    I think what you are dong is wonderful. I love this piece of artwork, and I think it is because I have followed Linda’s blog for a very long time, and could pick out each and everyone one of her critters. This is a very unique piece of artwork, and is beautiful!

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