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Puffin Fridge Magnets

Recently I’ve been working on creating a new design: puffin fridge magnets.

Puffins look so cute – sometimes they seem like they’re smiling, and sometimes they look like they’re a bit worried. So I tried to capture that in the design.


laser-cut puffin fridge magnets

To make them magnetic, I used small thin neodymium magnets


about a hundred tiny (but strong!) neodymium magnets

… which I stuck in the back of the puffin with PVA glue (e.g. ‘No More Nails’, but I just got mine from Wilkinson’s).

It’s amazing what a difference the new magnets make. This is the kind of thing I used to use – big chunky ferrous magnets:


magnet sizes compared – just look at the size of those chunky monkies!

I would have needed to make the puffins from wood that was twice as thick, just to fit the magnet in the back!

But now all I have to do is etch a shallow litte hole in the back of the puffin piece, and glue the neodymium magnet into it.



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