William Morris Style Alphabet for laser cutting

william morris style alphabet for laser cutting - letter EI love Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts movement, and William Morris designs. So I’ve been trying to come up with laser-cut and laser-etched items that incorporate that sort of look. I’ve recently been developing a William Morris style alphabet for laser cutting as card toppers.



Here are two recent birthday card designs I’ve made, using the “E” and “F” designs. (Click here for a more detailed blog post on how I created them.)

william morris laser cut birthday card E

william morris style alphabet for laser cutting - letter F

I haven’t found anything exactly like them for sale anywhere yet, so I might put them into production! In the meantime you can find stamps on Amazon that have a William Morris vibe to them …:

…or if you have your own laser cutter or papercutting business/hobby then here are some resources for finding stock images with an Arts & Crafts or Art Nouveau theme:

Stock Images

As I mention in the detailed blog post, another great resource that I’ve found for royalty-free designs is Vectorstock.com. And although they have forgotten to use an apostrophe in the link/banner below, I do still use them as one of my top resources for images at the moment: