Papercutting Project

I’ve been a bit quiet here on the ‘KayLand’ blog for a while, and that’s partly because over on my website/blog I am in the middle of a papercutting project. A while ago I bought a book from Amazon called ““, and this year I’ve been improving my papercutting skills by attempting to hand cut all of the 922 illustrations from paper. papercutting project 058 with pen for scale - Kay Vincent - LaserSister

Because the designs aren’t specifically for papercutting/scherenschnitte designs, I have also been gaining a lot of experience in trying to adapt ‘normal’ designs into something that can be cut from paper.

Papercutting by hand is really therapeutic and relaxing (usually. Except when I’m tired and/or using a blunt blade and keep ripping the paper) and so as well as adapting the designs for use in lasercutting art projects, I am also attempting to cut 100 of the designs by hand within 100 days.

As of today I’m on Day 58 of my quest. Here are some of my favourites:

art nouveau papercutting project - Kay Vincent - LaserSister