The chances are that if I do anything interesting enough to blog about, I'll be too busy doing it to actually blog about it…

About me

Hi – my name is Kay and I live about ten miles from Brighton, in the UK.

Story so far: After doing many many other jobs I qualified as an I.T. teacher in 2000, and then took a year out for ‘professional development’ in 2003 to do a Master’s Degree in computing. Unfortunately, three weeks into the course I got squashed by a car and broke my right shoulder, elbow, tibia, fibula, both knees, pelvis, and three bones in my left foot. Ooops.

However, I have always been interested in crafting as a hobby, so while I recovered from my injuries I used crafts as ‘occupational therapy’ and began a small (/microscopic) craft business, and gained an MA in Creative and Critical Writing in the meantime. Eventually I recovered enough to go back to work part-time, and also rejoined the computing Master’s Degree (but switched to part-time instead of completing it in one year).

In 2011 I FINALLY finished my MSc:IS (Master of Science: Information Studies) course, but am also taking a giant leap into the unknown by attempting to start up a small craft business again. This is possibly a very bad idea, as we are currently in the middle of a loooooong recession. By using my savings to start up a business again, I am effectively “trading my only cow for a handful of magic beans”. It may have worked for Jack and his beanstalk, but un/fortunately life is not a fairytale so I don’t know if this plan will have a happy ending or not.

On the other hand, although life may not be a fairytale it is still an adventure. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. Wish me luck!


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