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Christmas designs with my laser cutter

November 3, 2011 4 comments

Now that I’ve finished my MSc (still waiting for the results) I am finally able to get going with all of my crafts again. This week I have mostly been testing out my laser cutter, and trying to create laser-cut designs for cards.

So far I’ve made a pop-up sleigh, aeroplane, butterfly, present, and moving-house designs (pics to follow).

But my fave so far is the filigree Christmas tree, cut from ‘mirri card’ (which is shiny silver on one side):

laser-cut filigree Christmas trees

laser-cut filigree Christmas trees

I think I’m going to put some on ebay. Shame I can’t put them on etsy, as they aren’t handmade. Even though it took me days to design and tweak them. In fact, I was working on them for so long that I got a bit sick of them – but then when I showed one to my friend Joy, she put it against a dark blue background and it instantly looked lovely.

Here are some more pics:

filigree Christmas tree

filigree Christmas tree

laser cut filigree Christmas trees in bag

laser cut filigree Christmas trees in bag

Laser-cut Christmas tree card topper

Laser-cut Christmas tree card toppers

Woo – Bead Barmy have created a ‘blog post’ about me.

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I love the Brighton Bead Shop and have been shopping there for yeeeeears. Before the Internet, even. These days they have gone all hi-tech and have got a Beads Unlimited website and a facebook page and a ‘Bead Barmy’ blog. Naturally they are on Twitter, too, as @beadsunlimited.

Jo from their Bead Barmy site contacted me recently to ask if I would participate in one of their blog posts, and here is what she created:

Thanks Jo!