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Small print

Privacy Policy

Here is the boring small print of the Privacy Policy :)


I don’t personally use cookies on my website or collect any data about you (except your email address if you subscribe to the site’s free newsletter – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to email you). However, the site is hosted by WordPress which means that they and other organisations (like Google) might be using your data without you (or me!) knowing it. Here is the privacy policy link for the relevant WordPress Jetpack plugin: Jetpack.com/support/cookies


Affiliate Links:

I intend to use affiliate links on some of my blog posts. This means that if you click a link then there might be another business or organisation paying me a couple of cents or pence in commission, at no extra cost to you. If this bothers you and you’d like to be sure that you are buying or viewing a product without me getting anything for it, please open a new tab or window and search for the product independently.

The official blurb re the above is: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites”.

The links that I insert into the body of the text will not be ‘click bait’ and will lead to something that is relevant to the article/topic/page and is hopefully helpful to readers. For example, if I’m writing about polymer clay and you see a link that says “polymer clay“, then it should take you to somewhere where you can either find out more about polyclay or can actually buy some if you’d like to.

If I can ever get the chuffing thing to work, I will probably add google AdSense to some of my articles/pages as well. I don’t like ads flashing on pages any more than you do, but if it helps to fund me then that allows me the time to create the tutorials and articles. If I get to a certain figure of income (that is secretly contained in my head) then I’ll drop the icky ads.

If you find a link on my site that is broken or doesn’t work in the way I’ve just described, please let me know and I will fix or remove it!


If I use particular products myself then I will say so, but most of the time I will be adding links to products just to give handy information or examples of the same type of thing I use. So don’t take anything as my special endorsement or recommendation unless I explicitly say so. For example, I’ve got several pasta machines so probably won’t be needing to buy one soon, but I’ll still include links to other pasta machines and that way if readers don’t have their own then at least I’ve provided a link to the sort of thing I would search for if I were going to look for one.

I am not currently sponsored or paid by any brands to promote their products, so unless explicitly stated, any recommendations will just be based on my personal experience and opinions rather than somebody rewarding me for saying it :)

Well done!

Awesome job of reading through the small print! Go you! Please tweet me @PolymerKay or @LaserSister to tell me (and the rest of the world) that you are a policy nerd :)


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