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Sugar Skull Necklace

Another experiment with laser-cut, laser-etched jewellery. Based on a Day of the Dead “sugar skull”…

sugar skull -compressed.jpg

Sugar Skull Necklace

Mermaid Bling Necklace

Today’s laser-cutting experiment was with “mermaid bling”…

mermaid bling necklace

Mermaid bling necklace


Mermaid bling with fishtank background

Pet Silhouettes…

August 13, 2013 Leave a comment

I am still looking for inspiration for a new “Silhouette Biography” like the one I did for the 7MSN Ranch, but in the meantime I have been making silhouettes out of people’s pets and turning them into Christmas tree decorations:

dog silhouette Christmas tree decoration

dog silhouette Christmas tree decoration

cat silhouette Christmas tree decoration

cat silhouette Christmas tree decoration


…and for a silhouette that lasts all year and not just for Christmas? How about a marquetry pendant?!:

marquetry cat silhouette pendant

marquetry cat silhouette pendant



Further Laser Cutting Adventures

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow. The last time that I wrote about my laser-cutting adventures (eight months ago), I had just come up with a filigree butterfly design and was pleased with the way it turned out.

Since then I’ve been really busy, and have been doing some work for Maria Allen, who makes really clever use of the way that the laser can personalise gifts to make them unique.

Recently though I’ve had chance to experiment with my butterflies again, and have now extended the range. For example, here is a set of wooden butterfly pendants:

ImageThey are chunkier and more hard-wearing than the filigree version, but still have the design on both sides.

But for people who prefer the filigree version, I still make that one!:


But my current favourites are the little phone charms (with a hole in the top corner of one wing). The smaller one is 1cm wide, and the larger one is 1.5cm wide:


I think I might try to make some card-toppers one day, using the same design…

100 Days of Polymer Clay Necklaces: “69”

July 4, 2011 2 comments

69 days to go until the polymer clay cruise – and here is the latest necklace in my “100 Days” challenge

Definitely feel more comfortable using big beads now. This one is over 4cm in diameter and is from the batch I made last month. At the time I thought I would never dare to use this piece as a pendant because it was so big and orange, and less than a month later I am almost starting to wonder what the point is of making small beads! I am seriously looking forward to the next month. In the meantime here is my big orange flower pendant necklace.

100 Days of Polymer Clay: “88”

88 days to go until the polymer clay cruise…

Eeek! I have been out at university all day and this evening I’m going out to see the latest X-Men film. I don’t have much time to make a necklace!

I was really excited this morning because I received a notification from Twitter saying that ‘@BeadsUnlimited’ is currently following me on Twitter! BeadsUnlimited (aka The Brighton Bead Shop) is my favourite favourite bead-and-findings supplier. They are so helpful and friendly, and they seem to have a total passion for beads rather than it just being a business.

So as usual, everything on the necklace below comes from Beads Unlimited except for the polymer clay beads:

knotted bead necklace

Today’s lesson was that it’s very hard to get the knots really close to the beads when you use beading wire. Therefore in future I should pay more attention to creating the knots around maybe a pin or a needle, so that I can move the knot further along the wire and closer to the bead.

knotted bead necklace

100 Days of Polymer Clay Necklaces: “93”

93 days to go until the polymer clay cruise…

Today I enjoyed Polymer Clay Daily’s info about Barbara Fajardo’s work, which encouraged me to put more texture onto my flowers than I usually do (click into images for a more detailed view):

orange flowers with texture purple flowers with texture

And then I made a necklace out of one of the flowers:

orange flower necklace orange flower necklace

The colours are a bit bright for my particular taste, but I like the overall tropical effect.