The chances are that if I do anything interesting enough to blog about, I'll be too busy doing it to actually blog about it…

About me

Hi – my name is Kay Vincent.

Story so far: After doing many many other jobs I qualified as an I.T. teacher in 2000, and then took a year out for ‘professional development’ in 2003 to do a Master’s Degree in computing. Unfortunately, three weeks into the course I was walking to the shops for some teabags and got squashed by a car and broke my right shoulder, elbow, tibia, fibula, both knees, pelvis, and three bones in my left foot.

However, I have always been interested in crafting as a hobby, so while I recovered from my injuries I used crafts as ‘occupational therapy’ at the same time as studying for an MA in Creative and Critical Writing.

In 2011 I finally finished the computing course I’d started in 2003, and then completely ignored it and took a giant leap into the unknown by buying a laser cutter and starting up a craft business.

So now I am an author, craftsperson and business owner, and enjoying the adventure. Wish me luck!

kay vincent on bullit hunt motorbike
Me on my bike


kay vincent self portrait in lego
self portrait in lego

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