The chances are that if I do anything interesting enough to blog about, I'll be too busy doing it to actually blog about it…

About me

Hi – my name is Kay Vincent.

Story so far: After doing many many other jobs I qualified as an I.T. teacher in 2000, and then took a year out for professional development in 2003 to do a Master’s Degree in computing. Unfortunately, three weeks into the course I got squashed by a car when I was walking to the shops for some teabags, and broke my right shoulder, elbow, tibia, fibula, both knees, pelvis, and three bones in my left foot.

However, I have always been interested in crafting as a hobby, so while I recovered from my injuries I used crafts as ‘occupational therapy’ at the same time as studying for an MA in Creative and Critical Writing.

In 2011 I finally finished the computing course I’d started in 2003, and then completely ignored it and took a giant leap into the unknown by buying a laser cutter and starting up a craft business.

So now I am an author, craftsperson and business owner, and enjoying the adventure. Wish me luck!

kay vincent on bullit hunt motorbike
Me on my bike (don’t worry – I wear a helmet when I ride it)



kay vincent self portrait in lego
self portrait in Lego

*** Update 2021 ***

I am now merging my teaching, writing, crafting/making and academic selves, by studying for a Doctorate in Education Studies. I hope to contribute to the field by finding ways to encourage more learners (especially females) to participate in STEM/STEAM subjects. (Click here for an article I found that explains the two terms.)

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