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More Kaleidoscope Cane Experiments

March 4, 2013 1 comment

I still haven’t got the hang of them, but I’m getting closer.

kaleidoscope pink flower cane


pink and purple flower kaleidoscope cane



kaleidoscope cane steps

kaleidoscope cane steps


kaleidoscope flower cane

ugly mix of colours, but I quite like the pattern







New batch of beads on ebay

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

My stock of beads is beginning to overflow again, so I’m selling some of them on ebay.

As I’ve often done before, they are just a random ‘sweeping’ of the beads in my workshop, so as well as including some of the best beads I’ve ever made, they also include some of the beads that I made when I was experimenting, and/or when I was learning how to make polymer clay canes.

These are the beads that are for sale:

100 polyclay leaf-and-flower beads

100+ polyclay leaves and flowers

Zooming in, this is my favourite…

Nice purple flower bead

Nice purple flower

…and this is my least fave:

wonky blue flower

wonky blue flower

Do you have a bead that you like the most/least? It would be great to get some feedback and see which beads other people prefer (or hate!).