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New Laser-Cut Filigree Card

April 11, 2016 Leave a comment


Laser-Cut Golden Wedding Card

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Happy Anniversary to Uncle Keith and Auntie Norma! Here is a card cut from thin white card which was then mounted onto gold mirri card.


Laser-cut golden wedding card

Laser-cut golden wedding card


and this is a scan of it in more detail:

golden wedding card scan

golden wedding card scan


(Laser-Cut) Apple for the Teacher

July 20, 2013 1 comment

My latest commission was to create something to give to a teacher as a leaving card.

The only shapes I could think of that were associated with teachers were a blackboard, a mortarboard hat thing, an owl, and an apple. They all seemed a bit inaccurate (and/or old-fashioned), but the apple won in the end because it was a nice simple shape.

Then I cut out the names of all of the children in the teacher’s class (being careful to make sure that the dots on the “i”s were all attached to something so they didn’t fall off when they were cut out):

laser-cut apple for the teacher

Laser-cut apple for the teacher

New Laser Cut Design – “Family Tree”

Last week my sister Jackie rang to ask if I could make a laser-cut “Family Tree” for her friend’s anniversary.

Her friend Victoria really really liked the hand-cut trees that are available from Eticut on, but apparently they couldn’t make the piece in time for the anniversary. So I and my trusty laser cutter (I really must come up with a name for it) were asked if we could step in and create a tree with names on it.

This is the version that we came up with…

family tree artwork

family tree artwork

… and I think it’s one of the nicest things I’ve made. I even managed to find a font called ‘Jasmine UPC’, which seemed appropriate.

(Naturally I have now offered this service in my Etsy shop if anyone else would like a similar tree…)