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100 Days of Polymer Clay Necklaces: “86”

86 days to go until the polymer clay cruise…

Today’s necklace is made from silver-plated chain, green glass beads, and pink polymer clay flower cane beads:

polymer clay flower cane bead necklace

(click into photo for a closer look):

polymer clay flower cane bead necklace

101 Days to go until the 2011 polymer clay cruise

June 2, 2011 2 comments

101 days to go until the polymer clay cruise. Ohhh, I am so excited about it. I really feel like I should do something to commemorate the occasion tomorrow, because then there will be exactly 100 days to go until the cruise. What should I do though? I’d love to try making a new flower cane for each of those 100 days, or a new bracelet every day, or a new bead every day, etc..

The thought of going all the way from the south coast of England to the west coast of the USA for a set of polymer clay workshops is a bit daunting, especially as we’ll be meeting up with world-class polymer clay heroes when we get there. Still, I guess that is another good reason to try and make 100 items between now and then – because hopefully if I make something every day then my skills will improve by the time I go on the cruise.

Ooooh – what about making a necklace per day? That might work! It’s a big challenge, but it should actually be possible to achieve. Between now and the polymer clay cruise, I will make 100 necklaces which feature polymer clay in some way. So not only will I be counting down the time to my dream holiday, I will also be improving my polyclay skills as I go along.

…In the meantime, here are today’s quick experiments. Some leaves and butterfly wings:

I preferred the darker (simpler) leaves to the stripy ones:

And the butterfly wings were OK, except that they all had small cracks in them and so they are all likely to break:

I’ll try to make some better ones soon, I hope.

Polymer Clay Pendants

These are the polymer clay pendants that I’ve been working on recently. None of them are finished yet, but I should be able to turn them into proper pendants this weekend.

Pink heart pendant pink heart pendant 2 blue heart pendant 3

The photos below show the back and front of the pendant that is closest to being finished. I’ve put two heart-shaped pieces back to back, and have then covered up the sides (where the scrap clay showed through) by sticking on a strip of blue/white stripes. All it needs now is for a hole to be drilled through the top:

blue heart pendant - front blue heart pendant - front

Polymer Clay Daily

As always I am WAY behind everyone else in the polymer clay world, and have only recently discovered Cynthia Tinapple’s Polymer Clay Daily website. However I am making up for lost time by attempting to read through all of the archived articles on the site. I love it! In the space of a few weeks my work has already started to evolve.

I was particularly blown away by the entry for 20 April 2011, which featured the work of Cathy ‘dumauvobleu. I think her jewellery is amazing.

Here is an example of what some of my pendant-designs used to look like…:

Pink Flower & Swirl pendants

Pink Flower & Swirl pendants

…but since seeing Cathy’s work I have been experimenting with texture and with using repeating patterns instead of randomly layering of cane-slices:

Pink Heart Pendants

Pink Heart Pendants

Pink Heart

Pink Heart

I think my work is really improving. Thank you Cynthia and Cathy!