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100 Days of Polymer Clay Necklaces: “82”

82 days to go until the polymer clay cruise – and here is the latest necklace in my “100 Days” challenge

Hooray for Polymer Clay Daily! (again.) Today I got a lot of inspiration by looking at jewellery by “Kukel10“. I loved the necklaces and beads and yet not many of them involved actual canework. So today I thought I would try to work on a bead that didn’t look like my usual flower-and-leaf canes.

I ended up with a shape that looks like a pillow bead from the front:

polymer clay dawn necklace

The colours were just taken from my scrap pile, but in this case there seemed to be a lot of blue/purple/pink. It reminded me a bit of a dawn sky, i.e. a blue sky with streaks of pink cloud:

polymer clay dawn necklace

The back looks nothing like the front! I basically started off with a square of clay and folded each of the corners inwards:

polymer clay dawn necklace

Slowly but surely…

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Woooo – my craft business is starting to creep along a bit faster, and is starting to get a bit more interesting.

The main plan for this year is to finally finish my Master’s Degree in computingy stuff, but by the time my course has finished (and my savings have run out!) I hope to have properly established a small craft business.

So far this year I am contracted to run a few polymer clay jewellery classes in Worthing (near Brighton, in the UK), and in March 2011 I have got a workshop lined up at a local dolls’ house group, to demonstrate how to make miniature nasturtium flowers. However, I’m happy to travel out of my local area, so if anyone would like me to come and give workshops on polymer clay to their craft group then please get in touch!!

I’ve also just discovered a new polymer clay magazine called ‘From Polymer To Art’ (to open a link to their website in a different window click here).  It looks like they are concentrating on the intermediate-to-advanced polymer clay skills, and I’m really looking forward to buying a copy. As well as reading it, I am also looking forward to possibly writing for it as well, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they may like one or two step-by-step articles from me…

I’ve been in my superShed today, playing with polymer clay. As usual some of the pieces were duds, but some also turned out OK. (***photos to come***)

No movement yet on my ebay items, but I’ve got a couple of watchers so that’s fairly positive.


New batch of beads on ebay

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

My stock of beads is beginning to overflow again, so I’m selling some of them on ebay.

As I’ve often done before, they are just a random ‘sweeping’ of the beads in my workshop, so as well as including some of the best beads I’ve ever made, they also include some of the beads that I made when I was experimenting, and/or when I was learning how to make polymer clay canes.

These are the beads that are for sale:

100 polyclay leaf-and-flower beads

100+ polyclay leaves and flowers

Zooming in, this is my favourite…

Nice purple flower bead

Nice purple flower

…and this is my least fave:

wonky blue flower

wonky blue flower

Do you have a bead that you like the most/least? It would be great to get some feedback and see which beads other people prefer (or hate!).