98 more days to go until the polymer clay cruise…

Today’s necklace is another one which acts as a ‘benchmark’ for me to compare against the future work that I do. It’s made up of a selection of many of the basic flower cane designs that I have made over the last couple of years, and every single flower bead is completely different to the others. However, very few of them make me go “Wow” when I look at them – so I hope that by the time I have finished my polymer clay quest I will have discovered some cane designs that really stand out.

So here are the beads that I currently make:

Necklace "98"necklace 98…and let’s hope I improve over the next 98 days. I would like to make lots of lovely millefiori designs, and create some really big and bold pieces instead of the small round beads that I currently make.