Woo! 99 days until we go on the polymer clay cruise.

I am amazed that I’ve been working in the superShed for at least eight hours and have very little to show for it. But I guess that’s because I’m doing quite a lot of new experiments rather than churning out familiar items.

Specifically, (1) I have been continuing my efforts with trying to get mica-shift designs to look OK, and (2) I’ve been trying to use up some scrap clay.

(1) As with previous mica-shift efforts, most of my attempts have been failures so I have just mashed them back into a lump and started again, but at least this time I did save some of the results and took photos of them.

(2) I had a bit more success with my scrap-clay-hiding techniques than with the mica-shift stuff. I made some barrel beads and some black-covered beads, and made some pendant fronts.

…and of course, I then had a go at making a necklace. In this case I took two of the flowery pendant-pieces and stuck them back to back (with a layer of scrap clay in between, and with the edges covered in gold clay). So Necklace 99 is a reversible necklace:

necklace 99 - front Necklace 99 - back

Hmmm, it’s a bit too chunky for my liking, and it is also asymmetrical. Bummer – I quite liked that original green and purple piece:

polymer clay pendant piece

So, lesson learned? — use a symmetrical template next time, and don’t just cut pieces by eye!