50 days to go until the polymer clay cruise (halfway there!!) and here is the latest necklace in my “100 Days” challenge

As I am finally getting round to using some of my old beads, this is one that I made about five years ago. The surface was too uneven for me to even think about selling this bead, but I liked the overall effect of the different coloured flowers. However I’ve always wondered what to do with a bead like this if I ever make one again, so this is a good time to experiment. As a first attempt I have made a necklace by linking lots of different coloured beads, to try and reflect the different colours that are in the big pendant:

But strong rainbow-y colours always make me think of children’s necklaces, and that is not the effect I was hoping for. So at least I have narrowed down the ways that I would not like to hang the pendant :)