80 days to go until the polymer clay cruise – and here is the latest news from my “100 Days” challenge

At the moment it’s quite popular for restaurants to ‘deconstruct’ traditional foods and to lay out their component parts in a new way. In view of this I have deconstructed a flower for this necklace, by stringing individual petals and berries onto some wire to make a pendant:

deconstructed pink flower polymer clay pendant

It took me ages to try and find a way to get the petals to overlap each other in a consistent way, and in the end I had to come up with swirly wire shapes to hang the petals from. I’ll put a photo of the back here later if possible, but in the meantime here is a closer look:

deconstructed pink flower polymer clay pendant

Lesson learned today? That getting petals to hang nicely from chain is impossible! Not sure I’ve got the solution to it yet, but I’m closer than I was a few hours ago…

Second lesson learned today? There is no point deconstructing a pizza or shepherd’s pie or lasagne – they are much more tasty if you make them the traditional way. Similarly, petals belong on a flower, and deconstructing them is a stoopid idea!