I should have been filling in my tax return this week, and instead I’ve been doing all sorts of other things to try and avoid it*. I’m always fascinated by the “task avoidance” exercises that I perform at this time of year – my house ends up really clean and tidy and I get a year’s worth of filing and admin done, all so I don’t have to sit down at my computer and fill in forms.

Eventually I end up doing task avoidance on the task avoidance as well, and suddenly get very creative. This week has been no exception, and my laser cutter has been helping me to avoid all of that other stuff. We have made some wooden butterfly beads:

laser cut wooden butterfly beads

They’re actually surprisingly robust, despite looking quite fragile. They make great necklaces all by themselves, but I’m going to experiment with adding other beads and findings to necklaces. I’ve put a few on ebay/etsy, but I’m also able to sell them in larger quantities if anyone fancies becoming a re-seller.










(By “it” I mean avoiding filling in the form – not avoiding tax!!)