I am a big fan of Rob Ives‘ books and paper/card mechanisms, and so the other day I signed up as a member of RobIves.com¬†and downloaded one of his brilliant designs to make. This one (below) is the “Pegasus” automaton. I didn’t have one of the components available, so I experimented and used beads instead:

Rob Ives pegasus automaton flying horse paper mechanism
My attempt at the Pegasus


Many years ago I bought one of his [amazon_textlink asin=’189961821X’ text=’books’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’kayvincent-20′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’1009f7f9-32b8-11e8-b40a-9b823bec8144′] that had lots of other paper and card automata in it, and I also made one of his flying pig designs as well. This polymer clay flying pig was my homage to his paper version:

polymer clay flying pig automaton
polymer clay flying pig automaton