Step-by-Step: Polymer Clay Alphabet Cane: Letter “A”

(This tutorial on how to create a polymer clay alphabet cane was originally posted on my website, but now I’m migrating all of my polymer clay-related posts to the PolymerKay website instead)

polymer clay alphabet letter canes

I recently did a Google search for “polymer clay alphabet canes” and it surprised me how few resources mentioned making letters from canes.

I did find a short tutorial on Polymer Clay Central which showed how to make the initials “P” and “C” (naturally!!), but not the rest of the alphabet.

Or there was an article on Tina Holden’s “Beadcomber” blog showing how she created a monogram cane – but again that was a very specific (although lovely) cane that just incorporated her own initials.

unikatissima’s website mentioned using CityZen Cane’s mosaic “pixels” method, but again didn’t give detailed instructions on how to create a whole alphabet.

So where can polymer clay enthusiasts find letter canes for the whole alphabet?

The only set of instructions I have found so far is a tutorial by fantastic polymer clay artist Iris Mishly.

For those who haven’t got time to make their own, there are some sites selling canes that are pre-made and ready to use (e.g. here – although make sure you double-check whether the canes are pre-cooked or not)

But that still leaves the question of “Where can I find a quick and free tutorial on how to make polymer clay letter canes?” So in that case I will oblige!

Over the coming months I’ll create a basic set of instructions showing how to create each capital letter in the English alphabet. They will all be round canes, but if you’d like to know how to make square versions just drop me a note via the comments or contact us form, or tweet @polymerKay.

One day I’ll develop full tutorials with proper instructions, but in the meantime, here is a basic tutorial for creating a polymer clay cane with a letter “A” design:







Click here to go to Letter A polymer clay cane tutorial on

…or for a quick version, here is the tutorial in one handy Pinterest-type graphic:

Letter A polymer clay alphabet cane tutorial