New Polymer Clay Flower Button Tutorial

finished set of polymer clay flower buttonsLast year one of the (normal, round) buttons fell off my coat and I needed to replace it. I didn’t have anything exactly like that button, but I did have a giant stash of polymer clay, so I ended up making a set of polymer clay buttons and as a byproduct I also created a free polymer clay flower button tutorial

The buttons ended up receiving quite a few compliments, and so this week when a button came off another coat, I decided it was time to create another set of flower buttons, with a different design.

This is what the flower canes looked like just before baking…

blue and white polymer clay flower button - assorted

…and here is what they looked like just after the baking process:

blue and white polymer clay flower button - drill holes
Drilling holes in the flowers to turn them into buttons

At the moment I’m in the process of migrating all of my specific polymer-clay-related blog posts over to my website, so rather than including the whole tutorial article here on the blog, here is the link to the new polymer clay flower button tutorial.

Or if you’re more of a YouTube fan than a step-by-step photo tutorial fan, here is a link to another polymer clay flower button tutorial on YouTube. It’s from, and the title is “How to Make Polymer Clay Buttons the Easy Way”.

What do you think of the buttons? Have you tried the tutorial? If so, please let us know! You can use the contact us form, or Twitter or Facebook or the comments section below. Thanks for reading!