I’m currently in the process of rounding up all of the beads, canes, and jewellery that I’ve made recently so that I can take photos of them all. I keep a sample of every cane-end that I produce (even if the cane turns out to be rubbish and is recycled as scrap clay), and that way I can look back on them in the future and either attempt to recreate them or at least to try and figure out what went wrong. I like seeing how my work evolves over time.

Last month’s batch of beads (they are all approx. 12mm in diameter):

Last month’s bracelets:

Last month’s unfinished pieces:

and today’s latest cane:Bah – the blue outlines on this cane are too prominent. The overall shape is OK though, and it didn’t get too distorted as I reduced the cane. So I’ll keep it to see if it comes in handy for anything else.