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New batch of beads on ebay

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

My stock of beads is beginning to overflow again, so I’m selling some of them on ebay.

As I’ve often done before, they are just a random ‘sweeping’ of the beads in my workshop, so as well as including some of the best beads I’ve ever made, they also include some of the beads that I made when I was experimenting, and/or when I was learning how to make polymer clay canes.

These are the beads that are for sale:

100 polyclay leaf-and-flower beads

100+ polyclay leaves and flowers

Zooming in, this is my favourite…

Nice purple flower bead

Nice purple flower

…and this is my least fave:

wonky blue flower

wonky blue flower

Do you have a bead that you like the most/least? It would be great to get some feedback and see which beads other people prefer (or hate!).



Etsy Here I Come!

August 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks to the advice/encouragement from trinketsndreams the other day, I have been tempted into using Etsy as a possible outlet for my crafts, and have dipped my toe in the water by listing some tiny delicate polyclay leaf charms on etsy:

fifty polyclay leaf charms

fifty polyclay leaf charms

On the positive side, it’s only 20 cents to list an item – so with the current $/£ exchange rate that’s only 13 pence. But on the scary side, the exchange rate means that there is a fine line between my prices being set too high for people in the USA to want to buy my stuff, or for them to be too low for me to make a living (assuming that my theory is correct, and that far more people in the States know about polymer clay than in Britain (I think more craftspeople have heard of Etsy there, too, than here), so that’s where my main customer-base will be).

If I have time over the next few days, I think I’ll make a scientific experiment. I’m going to put three identical polyclay items for sale on,, and Etsy. I’ll submit exactly the same photos and descriptions and prices for them, and then I’ll count how many hits I’ve had on each page.

Happy Birthday to Me!

August 17, 2010 Leave a comment

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and my sister bought me a brilliant present – a mini photography studio.

It came from and is called an “Ebay Photo Studio Kit“. I have now had chance to set it up, and it’s perfect for what I need. The kit includes a fold-out white ‘cage’ to diffuse the light, a blue background cloth (which I can replace with a different coloured cloth, as it is attached with velcro), two spotlights, plus an extendable camera stand.

mini studio

mini studio ready for action

mini studio packed away

mini studio packed away

…and all for (a very reasonable) £29.99.

Thanks Jackie!!

I will now be able to take some photos of the items I’d like to put on Etsy.

My second New Thing Of The Day was that I discovered how to embed PayPal buttons into websites. I got the instructions from PayPal on their ‘Merchant Services‘ section, and although it did involve quite a bit of geekery-pokery, I did eventually manage to get a test button on my website. It’s still under construction, but here is the ‘Shop‘ page of my new website.

Now I just need to make something that people actually want to buy!

Polymer Clay Fest

July 28, 2010 2 comments

I have been indulging in a massive polymer clay fest over the last few days, and have created so many beads that I need to get rid of some of the excess stock on ebay. For example I’ve put a wholesale batch of 100+ beads (listed here)…:

100 polyclay beads for ebay

100 polyclay beads for ebay

close-up of some of the beads

close-up of some of the beads

…plus I’ve made some bracelets:

flower bracelet

flower bracelet

pink flower and leaf bracelet

pink flower and leaf bracelet

New superShed is ready

July 26, 2010 1 comment

Grand shed-opening ceremony
At LAST, my superShed is ready and I now have a workshop at the bottom of the garden. So far I have spent at least thirty hours in it over the last week, but don’t have very much to show for it yet. I’ve been experimenting with new polymer clay designs, and with me that usually means that for every ten hours of experimentation, only one of those hours produces anything that I’m (nearly) satisfied with.

Poor SophieFish died last week, and as a tribute to her cheery little face one of my polyclay experiments involved trying to create a goldfish pendant:

polymer clay goldfish pendant

new polymer clay goldfish pendant

I enjoyed the process of doing research for the new design, and now that I can fairly consistently create a pendant that looks vaguely fishy I wonder if  “Polymer Cafe” magazine would be interested in a step-by-step article of how to make them.

I’m not sure whether anyone would want to wear a goldfish pendant, but I might put try one or two of them on ebay. I’ll do a bit of testing on my own first though, to see if the pendants are robust enough to wear on a daily basis.

Update (31 July 2010)

I did send an email to Polymer Cafe magazine the other day, but they replied saying that they didn’t think their readers would be interested in my step-by-step goldfish pendant, because it looked a bit too real. Oh dear.