In the run-up to Christmas 2021 I’ve been asking myself the above question – “Is it worth joining Amazon’s “FBA” service?” Over on my website I’ve written a blog article that explores the question in more depth, but briefly:

FBA = Fulfilled by Amazon. In other words, if you want to sell items via Amazon then there is the possibility (for a fee, of course) to let Amazon deliver your products directly to customers. So for my semi-personalised wooden Christmas decoration below…

Laser-cut Christmas decorations by LaserSister (KayVincent). Letter S

… if I made 100 of them I would then have two options.

  • Option 1: Fulfilling (i.e. preparing and posting) each individual order myself.
  • Option 2: Sending off all 100 in a box to Amazon. Amazon could then do all the work of creating individual address labels and arranging delivery to the customers.

In 2020 I chose Option 1. It turned out to be like feeding a hundred little dragons. All of them wanted to be fed parcels, and if I didn’t feed them in time then I risked being burned (by the fire of bad Amazon customer reviews).

So for December 2021 I’m trying Option 2. There are still a hundred dragons to feed, but this time I prepare 100 meals in advance and put them in a big box, then pay someone else to feed the dragons while I get on with preparing the next batch of tasty morsels.

At the time of writing it’s still too early to have an answer to my question about whether it’s worth joining Amazon’s FBA or not. I will update here later (once I’ve gone through the experience of selling stuff over Christmas 2021), but at the moment I’m quite optimistic. The main reason is that theoretically this option means Amazon are helping me to make money 24 hours a day. They can be delivering packages for me even when I’m asleep. Or on holiday. Or at the pub. Here is a blog post article about it that I’ve put on my website:

Screenshot of blog post article pondering is it worth joining Amazon's "FBA" service