This week’s craft activities have mostly been focused on creating lots of laser-cut wooden Christmas bauble decorations.

Laser-cut Christmas decorations by LaserSister (KayVincent). Letter S

In fact, I’ve been creating so many of them that my house has become a big messy factory, for the production of laser-cut wooden Christmas decorations. Here is my coffee table:

LaserSister mini factory in the front room, making laser-cut Christmas decorations

In the meantime, this is what I woke up to today, so I might as well stay inside in the warm, working on my crafts:

While I’m working I am listening to an audio book of The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I’ve listened to 10 hours of it so far, and I’ve still got 26 hours to go. So thank goodness for my craft activities, that allow me to work and listen at the same time.

I still feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home. In 2018 I wrote this post, pondering another possible income stream for crafters to make money from home:

Screenshot of blog post about 'Amazon Handmade'

…but at the time I decided it was such a faff to set up products that I would abandon it. Instead I concentrated on my Etsy shop. However, in the run-up to Christmas 2020 I thought I’d have a go at the Amazon Handmade thing again. It turned out to be so successful that I’m giving it another try in 2021.

Thanks to Covid lockdowns (if “thanks” is the appropriate word), it seems that there are more and more options appearing for crafters to earn money from home, so over the next few months and years I will be trying out as many of them as possible!