It’s only September, but I’m getting ready for Christmas 2022 already. For Christmas 2020 I experimented with selling Laser-cut Christmas decorations via the Amazon Handmade outlet. That went quite well, so I was very busy that Christmas.

Christmas 2021, I extended the experiment to selling via Amazon Handmade, but also using the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ service. That is where Amazon keep items in their warehouse and then do the distribution to customers via Amazon Prime. Here is a blog post I wrote about it on my website. That year was so successful that I needed to recruit my husband and parents to help me keep up with packing items to send off to the Amazon warehouse.

There were some decorations left over in the warehouse, but I just left them there because it didn’t make financial sense to send them back to me. But last week I noticed that people were already starting to buy those Christmas decorations…even though we’re still three months away from Christmas!

That means it’s time for me to start sending laser-cut decorations to Amazon again, to try to get ahead of sales. Which is why my husband’s office now looks like Santa’s (messy) workshop:

lasercut christmas decorations being packed - LaserSister - Kay Vincent

The pieces have been cut, sanded, oiled, and ribboned (if that’s a verb?). Then I’ll put the decorations into boxes with the correct labels on them. Then I’ll put the little boxes into one big box. After that I’ll book shipping for the pieces, to send thet to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre (i.e. an Amazon warehouse). Once I’ve paid for shipping, I will be able to download and print a shipping label. After that, I can finally then take the big box to a local hub.