This week I’ve been winning some things! The first win involved no skill, but a tiny bit of effort: It was a lifetime subscription to “BCG Pro” (British Comedy Guide, which is “The UK’s #1 platform for comedy creatives”).

BCG Pro screenshot 20221015
Screenshot of BCG Pro website

All I did was send in a feedback questionnaire, and then I think my name was just randomly drawn out of a virtual hat. I was already receiving the BCG newsletters, which are great for comedy fans and include things like:

  • Roundups of comedy shows coming up on TV/radio/streaming this week
  • News of upcoming live comedy shows
  • Comedy DVD releases

…but BCG Pro includes more in-depth comedy related content, such as:

  • Advice on writing/editing comedy scripts
  • Directories of industry professionals
  • News about conferences, competitions, and open calls
  • other learning & networking opportunities for comedy writers

My second win involved more effort, and more skill. I won first prize in the “Beginners’ Applied” category of Leeds Marquetry Group‘s annual competition. I’ve already mentioned it in my blog, but briefly: It was a Yorkshire Rose coaster created from my own design, and was the first marquetry project I ever completed:

Yorkshire rose marquetry coaster - Kay Vincent LaserSister
Yorkshire Rose coaster

OK, it’s not the best piece of marquetry in the world, but hey – I’m a beginner, so I was very pleased to have produced a piece that looked even close to what I’d imagined.

Funny how I feel sheepish about having won the thing that I’ve put lots of effort into, but am super-happy about winning a thing that was based on dumb luck. Maybe I should work on my self confidence a bit more…