Letter Y Alphabet Cane Tutorial

Only one more to go! This Letter Y alphabet cane is the penultimate part of a series showing how to create polymer clay letter canes (click here for all of the other alphabet canes so far.)

…and it’s another fairly easy one to create – yay! Again there are just two cuts that need to be made, then insert sheets of black clay.







Letter Y polymer clay alphabet cane with PolymerKay watermark 20190407

You will need:

Black and white polymer clay

Step-by-step instructions: Letter “Y” cane

Step 0 – Condition the clay (e.g. by rolling each colour through the pasta machine at least ten times, until they are soft enough to work with).

Step 1 – Roll the black clay into a sheet about 1.5mm thick (usually the middle setting of a pasta machine):

Black sheet of polymer clay

Step 2 – Slice off about a quarter of the white block of clay, and save it for using later:

Step 3 – Roll the larger piece of white clay into a cylinder about 25mm (1 inch) in diameter:

Letter Y polymer clay alphabet cane tutorial - white cylinder

Step 4 – Cut down the cylinder about a third of the way in from the right-hand edge (as shown below):

Letter Y cane - cut diagonal line

Step 5 – Starting from the middle of the straight side, cut a wedge shape from the larger piece of clay. The wedge should be about a third of the larger piece of clay (as shown below):

Letter Y alphabet cane tutorial - cut another line

Step 6 – Using the black sheet of clay from Step 1, cover the straight side of the right-hand piece of clay with one layer of black (as shown below). Trim off any excess black clay :

Letter Y polymer clay alphabet cane - insert black clay

Step 7 – Sandwich another piece of the black clay between the straight sides of the remaining two white pieces, and then reassemble the cylinder pieces to make the basic “Y” cane. After that, trim off any excess black clay:

Letter Y alphabet cane - insert more black and reassemble

Step 8

Using the white piece of clay that was cut off in Step 2, roll it through the pasta machine on the thinnest setting and then wrap these thin layers of white around the sides of the cane:

Letter Y cane - cover with white

Step 9 – Reduce the cane (e.g. by carefully rolling it on a flat surface until it becomes longer and thinner).

Finished Letter Y polymer clay alphabet cane:

Letter Y polymer clay alphabet cane with PolymerKay watermark 20190407

I hope you found this letter “Y” tutorial useful. Now that one is finished, there is just one more letter to go until we’ve finished the whole alphabet :)

If you’ve tried making any of these canes I’d love to hear from you – please share any successes (or problems) via the comments section or contact us page.