Letter V Alphabet Cane Tutorial

This Letter V alphabet cane is the latest in the series showing how to create polymer clay letter canes (click here for all of the other alphabet canes so far.)

The letter V is a really quick and easy letter cane to make – it just involves two cuts.







Letter V polymer clay alphabet cane tutorial - KayVincent

Step-by-step instructions: Letter “V” cane

You will need:

Step 0: Condition the clay.

Step 1 – Roll the black clay into a sheet approx. 1.5mm thick (usually the middle setting of a pasta machine):

Letter V - black sheet of clay

Step 2 – Cut off approximately a third of the white block of clay and save it to use later on:

Letter V polymer clay alphabet cane tutorial - cut off a third

Step 3 – Roll the larger piece of white clay into a cylinder about 25mm (1 inch) in diameter:

Letter V alphabet cane - white cylinder

Step 4 – Starting from the same point at the centre bottom of the cylinder, slice off two pieces of the white clay to make the “V” shape. Then using the sheet of black clay from Step 1, wrap the two flat sides of the “V” with one layer of black. Trim off any excess black clay:

Letter cane - cut V shape- KayVincent

Step 5 – Reassemble the pieces of the cylinder:

V cane - reassemble pieces - KayVincent

Step 6 – With the white piece of clay from Step 2, roll it through the pasta machine on the thinnest setting. Then wrap thin layers of white around the sides of the cane:

V cane - wrap with white clay - KayVincent

Step 7 – Reduce the cane.

Finished Letter V polymer clay alphabet cane:

Letter V polymer clay alphabet cane tutorial - KayVincent

Ta-daaaa! A very quick way to create a letter “V” polymer clay cane.

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