Letter W Alphabet Cane Tutorial

This Letter W alphabet cane is part of a series showing how to create polymer clay letter canes (click here for all of the other alphabet canes so far.)

The letter W can be a bit tricky to create, which is surprising considering it just involves cutting straight lines. Because of that trickiness there are many ways to approach the design of this cane (e.g. if you’ve already followed the letter “M” tutorial, you could just turn that one upside down!), but hopefully this version is fairly foolproof…







Letter W polymer clay alphabet cane

Step-by-step instructions: Letter “W” cane

You will need:

Letter W polymer clay cane tutorial - black and white clay

Step 0: Condition the clay.

Step 1 – Roll the black clay into a sheet approx. 1.5mm thick (usually the middle setting of a pasta machine):

Letter V - black sheet of clay

Step 2 – Cut off around a quarter of the white block of clay and save it to use later on:

Letter W alphabet cane  - cut off a quarter

Step 3 – Roll the larger piece of white clay into a cylinder about 25mm (1 inch) in diameter:

Letter V alphabet cane - white cylinder

Step 4 – Mark two overlapping “V” designs on top of the cylinder, to form the “W” design:

Letter W alphabet cane tutorial - mark lines

Step 5 – Using the marks as guides, cut off the two edge pieces first, then one of the diagonal lines, and then cut a wedge shape from the bottom:

Step 6 – With the black sheet of clay from Step 1, reassemble the white pieces as shown, and sandwich the piece of black clay between them. Trim off any excess black clay:

Letter W alphabet cane tutorial - insert black clay

Step 7 – Using the smaller piece of white clay from Step 2, send it through the pasta machine on the thinnest setting and then wrap the ribbon of white clay around the outside of the letter cane:

Letter W polymer clay alphabet cane tutorial - wrap in white

Finished Letter W polymer clay alphabet cane:

Letter W polymer clay alphabet cane with PolymerKay watermark 20190407

This is just one way to create a letter “W” polymer clay cane. Do you know a better way? If so, please let me know via the contact us form or the comments section.)