Dolphin Earrings

Back to the sea again with these laser-cut wooden dolphins:

laser-cut wooden dolphin earrings-compressed

laser-cut dolphin earrings


Laser-Cut Kitten Earrings

I’ve temporarily moved away from the sea theme to make some little kitten earrings:

laser cut stud earrings kittens-compressed

Mermaid Bling Necklace

Today’s laser-cutting experiment was with “mermaid bling”…

mermaid bling necklace

Mermaid bling necklace


Mermaid bling with fishtank background

More Sea-Themed Lasercutting Experiments

Here is my latest experiment – seeing if I can make something turtle-y:

turtle brooch.JPG

sea-turtle brooch


sea-turtle necklace



New Products!

Wow – I knew I hadn’t had kept up much of a “web presence” recently (what with going to help out with data entry at my husband’s office, and accidentally being voted onto the local council, and volunteering for a couple of local charities) but I had no idea it had been a couple of YEARS since my last blog post!

Oh well, I’ve finally started catching up with myself at last, and have been making jewellery almost full-time for the last few weeks.

As I live about a mile away from the sea I’ve been using that as inspiration for a new set of laser-cut jewellery. First one is a seahorse:

seahorse necklaceSAM_2217

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Laser-Cut Golden Wedding Card

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Happy Anniversary to Uncle Keith and Auntie Norma! Here is a card cut from thin white card which was then mounted onto gold mirri card.


Laser-cut golden wedding card

Laser-cut golden wedding card


and this is a scan of it in more detail:

golden wedding card scan

golden wedding card scan


Laser-Cut Fairy

August 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Yesterday I was practising my knife skills by cutting out a design based on a Cicely Mary Barker fairy. Today I had a go with the laser cutter:

flower fairy papercutting

flower fairy papercutting – cut with a knife

flower fairy laser cut

flower fairy – laser cut











I was doing some research on CMB, and I think she lived in Storrington, which is sort of down the road from me.

She died in 1973 and her work is still in copyright, so these pieces are for my own enjoyment and I won’t be developing any for sale. I might try to find where her ashes were scattered though, and leave a couple of fairies there…